Clean Touch
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Carpet Cleaning

The Clean Touch process uses less water and improves the quality of your indoor air.  Our service is different than your typical carpet cleaning service.

Quick Dry Method

1) Your carpet dries quickly.
2) Stains do not magically reappear.
3) Up to 10 times less water than traditional carpet cleaning methods.
4) Removes bacteria from your carpets.
5) More gentle process on your carpets.
6) Eliminates mold growth, mildew and toxin chemicals.
7) Improves indoor air quality.
8) No harsh chemicals, only green cleaning solution is applied to your carpets.

Hot Steam Method is also available
For a deep cleaning

Services does not include moving heavy furniture. Please remove any furniture prior to service. We can help with some light furniture, if needed.


Carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery & furniture cleaning, green carpet cleaning, allergy relief treatment, cleaning for allergy relief, Pet odors, pet hair removal, pet stains, steam cleaning or whole room treated and cleaned.