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Dust Mite

The leading causes of allergic disesases from indoor air pollution are dust mites and pet allergens. Clean Touch Attack the Allergens Treatment can remove 90% or more of these allergens!

Even if you aren’t currently allergic or your children aren’t, one of the major reasons people develop allergic illnesses is overexposure to various allergens, especially those found in indoor air. This is due in part to the rapidly increasing levels of serious allergens, especially from dust mites and pets, found indoors combined with the fact that Americans now spend up to 90% of their time indoors.

Dust mites make up 80% of the dust in your house and they live on dead human skin cells, fungi, bacteria and water vapor which we provide for them daily when we sleep.  The average person perspires approximately one pint of moisture per person per night.

A typical clean house, where someone may dust and vacuum frequently, change the bed linens often still does not remove the colony of dust mites that live in the beds and furniture.

Pet Dander
The common misconception is that people are allergic to pet hair, but in reality, it is a protein that is found in the pet’s dead skin flakes, the oil in the skin, saliva and urine. So, the pet hair often contains the protein, given the way pets groom themselves and as dead skin cells are shed.

The allergen proteins are very sticky so when pet dander gets onto furniture, mattresses, clothing, and carpet, it is very hard to remove. It can easily be removed on smooth surfaces by simple cleaning; however, the particles are very small and also tend to stay air born for long periods of time. Most estimates are that even after pets have been removed from a home, pet allergens will still be present even after five to six months!

Clean Touch offers a new scientifically proven Environmental Control method to reduce allergens in your home!

It is scientifically proven to be highly effective at reducing indoor allergen counts down to levels that will prevent the development of allergies and provides significant relief to allergy, SINUS, and asthma sufferers. What’s even better is that it is non toxic, all natural and affordable!

Attack the Allergies:

Provides an immediate reduction in allergen levels. Even better, when properly applied, this treatment will provide a residual effect for up to six months! In homes where the source of allergies such as pets will not be removed or where allergy symptoms are very severe, treatments may be required every three months.


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